Screenwriting Workshop – Eldon Gardens

Members and non members alike.

A one-off Introduction to the basics of screenwriting with writer-director, Gavin Williams, focussing on visual writing for the screen as well as the occasionally baffling and arcane subject of screenplay formatting!


Gavin’s feature film debut, AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS, is due for release in 2017 starring David Bradley (“Game of Thrones”) and his short film SLEEPWORKING won eight awards and played at sixty international film festivals.

Note: this session is an excerpt from a longer course. More sessions can be arranged if there is sufficient interest following this taster.

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August and September etc!

It’s still not too late to sign up for our August Meetup here if you’re interested in meeting with fellow writers, helping them with their stories and chatting about writing.

Keep ’em peeled because we’ll also be planning our September Meetup shortly.

We will also be announcing some special subject based workshops or short courses. Join the group to keep updated.

Lastly – some of us are thinking about launching a journal or review to publish short stories and other pieces of creative writing.

If that’s something that grabs you – drop us an email –

London Calling

Attention website visitors.

Have you been watching Writers in the Evening from afar? Jealous that there isn’t a group in your area?

Well keep ’em peeled because there will soon be a Writers in the Evening group forming in London upon Thames!

If you live or work in or around London and would like to get together with fellow writers on an evening then watch this space, and if you want to be proactive about it email: to express an interest.

Would you like to set up a group in your area? Then get in touch via the main email address and let’s have¬† a chat.

March into April with your writing!

Amazingly even this late in the day we still have a couple of slots left in our April writing Meetup in Newcastle.

You can sign up here – as long as you’re a member of Meetup itself. It’s free to join and takes a couple of minutes.

Once you’ve joined you can go here to help us choose our next Meetup for May.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can email us or ask us in the group once you’ve joined, we aim to be open and participatory.




Help Derek workshop his novel prior to publication

One of our members Derek Willis is getting ready to publish his latest novel ‘Killing Time’ a time travel novel. He has offered it up for an intensive workshopping session with a few hardy volunteers.

The idea is that if you sign up for this – you are committing to read a substantial extract from this novel, and then come to our session with Derek with answers to some questions he will be submitting along with the extract.

This will not be like a usual Meetup (we still intend to continue with them) but an attempt to try something different, if it works with Derek’s novel then we will do it again, so if you’ve got one brewing – or you’re stuck with an outline and unsure of how to get going, keep an eye out for future opportunities.

We will circulate Derek’s work to those members that sign up, as we get nearer to the date.

Not signed up? You can here