submission guidelines

Following discussion at one of our Meetups we respectfully request that people submitting their work whether prose, poetry, fiction, non fiction or something else stick to the following guidelines.

Instructions based on use of Word – if you don’t have Word and don’t know how to do this on your software then please specify when submitting so we can format it for you – but keep in mind that we might mess up other formatting you’ve done, so it’s better if you can do it.

Use headers so that every page has the name of the author and the name of the story.

Click here to see how to do that in Word

Put page numbers on every page.

Click here to see how to do that on Word

Insert line numbers for every line of text.

Click here to see how to do that.

These stipulations should help us give YOU feedback!


NB Only members can submit work for either a Meetup or online feedback – you can join here.