Notes and links: June 6th Meet

Hi all,

Here are my notes and links from Tuesday 6th June. I’ll post separately and keep each as brief as possible as we were rather sparky that night…

Please feel free to comment and add anything I’ve missed out.

  1. Newcastle Writing Conference, Gemma Seltzer:

Gemma Seltzer ‘s workshop was called ‘Writing off the Page’. Over the last two years Gemma’s created some inspiring live writing / community engagement projects, such as ‘Speak to Strangers‘, ‘Writers Meet Elders‘, ‘5am London‘, ‘Look up at the Sky, London‘. The ideas were all very simple, housed on basic WordPress sites (like this one) and accessible. They were picked up by national and international organisations like Tate Modern, Venice Biennale and Age UK (and sister organisations in America).

She also mentioned these as writing experiments:

Tea Blog‘ (now archived but you can still get a feel for it here)

Flight Paths‘ a networked novel by Kate Pullinger, Chris Joseph et al.

Window‘ by Katherine Norman

Minecraft poetry, here’s a You-Tube walk-through of Victoria Bennet’s ‘My Mother’s House‘ (Icy I can imagine you spooking this one up!)

Film Poetry in general or Poetry Films, I’ve linked to a resource describing it here but it’s basically poets dramatising or choreographing their work on film.



Are any of you are interested in doing any ‘live’ writing in the community? I’ve got a few ideas I’d like to thrash out, and it would be great to hear some more.



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