June 6th notes and links

Hi all, post 2 from June 6th meeting.

As usual, please add, comment, but if it’s for posterity you may want to do this on our new ‘book marketing‘ page.

Newcastle Writing Conference, Maura Brickell:

Maura Brickell‘s a book publicist and she gave a very full presentation on creating a marketing strategy. I’ll just outline subsections here.

I’ve created a separate page called ‘book marketing‘ with more detailed notes as this might be a resource we want to come back to, and add to as we go along.


  1. What is a marketing strategy
  2. Audience first: global mapping
  3. Aims
  4. Assets
  5. Timing
  6. Timeline
  7. Traditional media
  8. Social media

Maura has a copy of the presentation in the pipeline for New Writing North and they will send it out to those of us who went when they get it. When that happens I’ll add it to the page.


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