June 6th notes #3

This is a list of link / notes from our chat on June 6th:

Pigeonhole for review writing and linking up with writers and bloggers

Claire Wingfield’s ’52 Dates for Writers’ – comes highly recommended by Icy.

Bryan Cohen’s webinars and tutorials.

Query Shark, an agent blog which helps with query letters.

Brandon Sanderson on You Tube (this link is for his website)

Feedly  Brilliant way to subscribe to blogs and have them all be pulled in to one place. Much easier to keep up with what’s going on in the blogosphere.

Tuesday book blog – Great place to share book-related blog posts on Twitter.

Women Writers’ Wednesday on Twitter Great place to share blog posts if you’re a woman writer. Sorry dudes.

You Tube and Facebook Live – I think we were talking about uploading video, book trailers and just the popularity and shareability of video…

Goodreads – book reviewing and being reviewed, connecting with bloggers etc.. good also for boosting your own website content and search engine profiling.

Wattpad for serialising fiction.

Tumblr – this was part of our discussion on FanFic. Also FanFic possibly more accessible in this link. Have fun in there… Also Kindle Worlds

‘Reader’s funnel’ and ‘funnel book’ I think was mentioned in the context of ‘deleted scenes’ and that we could hold onto this stuff for marketing, especially on social media or our own websites and blogs… I also found an app called ‘Book Funnel‘ which adapts your ebook across platforms and devices, if you want it here it is…

Anyone remember how ebook.bike came into the conversation? Is it a review site?

Last one I noted down was instafreebie if you want to give away copies of your book.











June 6th notes and links

Hi all, post 2 from June 6th meeting.

As usual, please add, comment, but if it’s for posterity you may want to do this on our new ‘book marketing‘ page.

Newcastle Writing Conference, Maura Brickell:

Maura Brickell‘s a book publicist and she gave a very full presentation on creating a marketing strategy. I’ll just outline subsections here.

I’ve created a separate page called ‘book marketing‘ with more detailed notes as this might be a resource we want to come back to, and add to as we go along.


  1. What is a marketing strategy
  2. Audience first: global mapping
  3. Aims
  4. Assets
  5. Timing
  6. Timeline
  7. Traditional media
  8. Social media

Maura has a copy of the presentation in the pipeline for New Writing North and they will send it out to those of us who went when they get it. When that happens I’ll add it to the page.

Notes and links: June 6th Meet

Hi all,

Here are my notes and links from Tuesday 6th June. I’ll post separately and keep each as brief as possible as we were rather sparky that night…

Please feel free to comment and add anything I’ve missed out.

  1. Newcastle Writing Conference, Gemma Seltzer:

Gemma Seltzer ‘s workshop was called ‘Writing off the Page’. Over the last two years Gemma’s created some inspiring live writing / community engagement projects, such as ‘Speak to Strangers‘, ‘Writers Meet Elders‘, ‘5am London‘, ‘Look up at the Sky, London‘. The ideas were all very simple, housed on basic WordPress sites (like this one) and accessible. They were picked up by national and international organisations like Tate Modern, Venice Biennale and Age UK (and sister organisations in America).

She also mentioned these as writing experiments:

Tea Blog‘ (now archived but you can still get a feel for it here)

Flight Paths‘ a networked novel by Kate Pullinger, Chris Joseph et al.

Window‘ by Katherine Norman

Minecraft poetry, here’s a You-Tube walk-through of Victoria Bennet’s ‘My Mother’s House‘ (Icy I can imagine you spooking this one up!)

Film Poetry in general or Poetry Films, I’ve linked to a resource describing it here but it’s basically poets dramatising or choreographing their work on film.



Are any of you are interested in doing any ‘live’ writing in the community? I’ve got a few ideas I’d like to thrash out, and it would be great to hear some more.


New year, new leaf

Happy New Year Writers in the Evening!

January submissions are now available on the submissions page. Usual password. Contact us if you need it again.

As you know changes are afoot. Meet Up are charging us a hefty monthly registration fee and as we like more things about the platform (lots of new faces) than we don’t like (unreliable messaging) we are staying with them at least for a while.

That in mind we are having to charge a group membership fee, which we’ve set at £5 for 6 months, to cover costs while we see if it works and

Screenwriting Workshop – Eldon Gardens

Members and non members alike.

A one-off Introduction to the basics of screenwriting with writer-director, Gavin Williams, focussing on visual writing for the screen as well as the occasionally baffling and arcane subject of screenplay formatting!


Gavin’s feature film debut, AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS, is due for release in 2017 starring David Bradley (“Game of Thrones”) and his short film SLEEPWORKING won eight awards and played at sixty international film festivals.

Note: this session is an excerpt from a longer course. More sessions can be arranged if there is sufficient interest following this taster.

RSVP here if you’re a member of the group

If you’re not a member yet – why not? Sign up here and then RSVP at the link above.